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Through many decades of kite fishing, I’ve found that with enough experience I can get most manufacturers kites to fly in their rated wind conditions. However, it’s the changing conditions like weather, rough seas and unexpected movement on our fishing boats that wreck havoc on our fishing kites, often resulting in broken spars or centerpieces.

Pearl Kites utilize the lightest, strongest, highest quality materials available in the industry. Their limited lifetime warranty on spars and centerpieces provide peace of mind when you’ll need it most.

Of course, this sort of quality, warranty, and customer service may cost a little more. Knowing that my kite is extremely unlikely to have a breakdown, and knowing that it’s going to launch, torque and fly at the correct elevation make it well worth the additional cost.

I personally own over 50 fishing kites from every major manufacturer. When tournaments and winning fish are on the line, it’s no surprise that my Pearl Kites are what I reach for.

On Team Spiced Rum III we take tournaments fishing very seriously! While competing on the professional Kingfish circuit we like to think that our success is in part due to our attention to details.

Naturally when we decided to add Kite fishing into our spread, we wanted a kite that would perform under many wind conditions and remain stable. so that we didn’t have to dedicate a team member to just the Kite.

While discussing this with Mike Simko of kitefishing.com he said that I should give Pearl Bean the founder of Pearl Kites a call. Mike said Pearl was more like a mad scientist in the laboratory, who just so happens to build the best fishing kites made.

We have not been disappointed. Sure Pearl Kites will cost a little bit more, but what great product doesn’t? Especially, when that product does not let you down.

Pearl Kites are lighter, fly great right out of the box, they kick right or left with ease, are stable in the wind, handle more variable winds consistently, and best of all… the spars and centerpieces are designed to withstand far more pressure than any other kite I’ve flown.

I’ve learned after years of tournament fishing that when my team is confident in our tackle and preparation that can be the difference between winning and not. We are confident in our Pearl Kites and you will be too!

When it comes to tournament fishing Team Reel Dreams puts its faith in Pearl Kites to be successful and win tournaments! Pearl Kites are flat out the best kites in the industry. Pearl himself builds these kites by hand with the highest quality of components and materials.

Pearl strives for perfection by utilizing new innovated ways to constantly tweak and improve how these kites perform on a regular basis. Pearl’s mission to produce the best kites in the industry and outstanding customer service truly separate Pearl from other competitors in the industry.

I assure you once you fly a Pearl kite there will not be an alternative option.

Tight Lines!

In the high pace charter industry getting the kite up at the right time while customers watch can be frustrating sometimes. Once I got my first Pearl Kite that all changed.

I walk out to the cockpit, throw up the kite and start fishing. They are so easy to use and the customer support is unparalleled. It’s nice to be able to buy and use products Made in the USA.”