Kite Fishing the Right Way, With Pearl Kites

From the onset, at Pearl Kites our goal was to take kite fishing to another level and engineer the best sport fishing kite the world had ever seen. To offer a kite so well made that any serious offshore fisherman would feel the need to have at least one on the boat at any given time. We feel we’ve accomplished that and we want you to experience that for yourself.

Pearl Kites are crafted one at a time from the highest quality materials available. Years of experience researching, developing, assembling and kite fishing with these kites has placed us in a unique position. This rich background enables us to bring to market a fishing kite of unprecedented quality, unparalleled in craftsmanship.


Crafted With The Highest Quality Materials

Only the highest quality materials are used in the construction of Pearl kites. Our kites are lightweight yet stable, they perform incredibly well and are built to last. The quality of construction will be evident the moment you pick up our kite.


The Best Fishing Kite To Take Offshore

Whether your kite fishing for tuna, sailfish, dolphin, or any other species of fish that are attracted to live bait presented near the surface. Pearl Kites are made to catch these fish.

Kites keep more of your rig and tackle out of the water. They also keep your bait near the surface and more appealing to the predators below. Not only is kite fishing an extremely effective method of offshore fishing but it’s also more fun and exciting than catching fish on free-lined baits.

If you haven’t tried kite fishing yet, you need to. If you’re going kite fishing this season, you’ll want one of these. Anyone can make a fishing kite but only one can be the best. Please don’t take our word for it though.

Pick up a Pearl Kite today and discover the difference.

The Perfect Balance of Durability and Performance

Our centerpieces are lightweight, incredibly strong, and can withstand exposure to harsh environments.

Thoroughly tried and tested, they are without question the best we can offer with our kites.

A Fishing Kite Built For Competition

In tournament fishing, it’s always best to leave the dock with the best equipment available.

If you’re kite fishing you will want a Pearl kite and quite possibly more than one on the boat.

The Highest Quality Fishing Kite Available

Pearl fishing kites are manufactured to perform and last, there are no corners cut.

From the spars and rigging to the material we use for the kite itself, it all comes together to become the best fishing kite available on the market today.

A Fishing Kite Built to Last

All Pearl Kites come with a limited lifetime warranty. We guarantee the craftsmanship of our kite, spars, centerpieces, and rigging to be of the highest quality.

Through many decades of kite fishing, I’ve found that with enough experience I can get most manufacturers kites to fly in their rated wind conditions. However, it’s the changing conditions like weather, rough seas and unexpected movement on our fishing boats that wreck havoc on our fishing kites, often resulting in broken spars or centerpieces.

Pearl Kites utilize the lightest, strongest, highest quality materials available in the industry. Their limited lifetime warranty on spars and centerpieces provide peace of mind when you’ll need it most.

Of course, this sort of quality, warranty, and customer service may cost a little more. Knowing that my kite is extremely unlikely to have a breakdown, and knowing that it’s going to launch, torque and fly at the correct elevation make it well worth the additional cost.

I personally own over 50 fishing kites from every major manufacturer. When tournaments and winning fish are on the line, it’s no surprise that my Pearl Kites are what I reach for.


Mike Simko Legendary Kite Fisherman

Who is Mike Simko?

Mike Simko is a veteran tournament fisherman, a yacht broker, inventor of the Kite Keeper, and a well-known kite fishing guru.

Learn more about Mike here.